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Kindred works with individuals, institutions, nonprofits and businesses to engineer creative educational outlets and empowering outreach projects supporting holistic family wellness. Subscribe to our initiative's e-newsletters here and donate to support our nonprofit work here.

Kindred believes that everything we need to create wellness in ourselves, families, communities and world, exists and is possible to bring forward through individual mindfulness, intentional action and group collaboration.

Our educational nonprofit project and alternative media source, Kindred Magazine, is reaching more parents and professionals everyday.  Help us bring Kindred to print again and to expand our website presence.

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For more than 20 years, Kindred World, (formerly Families for Conscious Living) has worked passionately to support parents and professionals who are exploring "The New Story of Childhood, Parenthood and the Human Family." Kindred's vision is to bring coherence, visibility and empowerment to this emerging, consciousness-raising movement. As social science research shows, Cultural Creatives are often unaware of each other and their vital role in transforming culture through the practical wisdom of sustainable, holistic and compassionate living. Take a look at our 20 years of nonprofit work to discover a glimpse into the possibilities of a New Story...

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What If We Embraced A New Story Of Childhood, Parenthood, And The Human Family?

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Our nonprofit work is featured on the cover of the October 2015 issue of Attached Family Magazine in celebration of Attachment Parenting International's annual AP Month.  Read the history of Kindred, formerly Families for Conscious Living, in this epic interview with co-founder, Lisa Reagan.

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The Evolved Nest

Restoring Human Nature - Primal Know How For Wise Living

What if everything we thought and believed to be true turned out to be a story passed down from parent to child through daily informal habits to ceremonial traditions designed to help us understand our world?

 What if the chaos we are witnessing in the world today is a symptom, evidence even, of our collective Old Story - the belief in our separateness - breaking down?

 Would our fears be lessened and our curiosity piqued if we made a conscious choice to turn our attention toward an emerging New Story? Could an expanding sense of wonder allow room for questions like: 

What if babies are conscious? What if sustainability begins with conception? What if Womb Ecology Becomes World Ecology?  

When we consider the way we make sense of our lives has always been through stories, other questions arise, like, Who wrote these stories? Can they be changed? What steps can we take toward shifting our current, industrial story of humanity to a life-affirming and empowering narrative, authored by, well, US.       

Our daily choices and habits are informed by the context, the Big Picture, whether we are aware we even hold a worldview, a personal mythology or a story of our own being and becoming. 

Kindred and its initiatives have been exploring this New Story from the ground up - in grassroots’ communities - and from the top down - with frontier science researchers and social changemakers - for 20 years.  FCL’s nonprofit work has been led by families who have sought out insight and solutions to shifting their own awareness from the limits of the Old Story to the practical wisdom for conscious living heralded in the interconnected threads of the New Story - a story that allows our children to become their full, integrated potential.  This New Story comes with its own language, phrases like Cultural Creatives, Grounded Expansion, Mindful Parenting, and the Ecology of the Child.

What is needed at this time is a gathering place, a sanctuary, created with great compassion and willingness to call upon our imaginations to engage in open dialogue, create community and identify resources that support an adventurous exploration of holistic, peaceful and sustainable living.  

  Take a look inside at the nonprofit initiatives Kindred has created to meet these needs...