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Read Lisa Reagan's body of work sharing her Mother (of a) Quest on Kindred here.

1996 - Families meet in parks and homes in Virginia to share scarce resources and support for holistic and conscious parenting choices. Read the grassroots history here.

2003 - Delicious Living Magazine votes FCL one of Top Six National Nonprofits who are "Making A Difference"

2005 - FCL sponsors the first theatrical production of the now internationally renown play, Birth, by Karen Brody in celebration of the legalization of midwifery in Virginia. In 2011, FCL co-sponsored the production of Birth at the new Museum of Motherhood in NYC in celebration of our 15th anniversary.  See story and photos here.

2009 - In a nonprofit collaboration, FCL launched the Pathways Connect community-building program and founded 300 international groups.  Listen to the story in a teleconference here.

2010 - FCL's history and impact was documented by social anthropologist, Crista Craven, in Pushing for Midwives: Homebirth Mothers and the Reproductive Rights Movement.

2011FCL sponsored the first ever Mindful Mothering Conference at the new Museum of Motherhood in New York City in collaboration with the Institute of Noetic Science, IONS.

2012 - FCL launches the Kindred Magazine website with a generous grant from a philanthropist.

2013 - FCL and Kindred bring the social evolution story of parenting to seven US cities on a Parenting for a Peaceful World Tour with Australian psychotherapist and author, Robin Grille.

2014 - FCL launches the Parenting As A Hero's Journey webinar series and the Parent Liberation Project and Alliance.  

2015 - Kindred launches a new website and welcomes four new advisory board members.

The Joseph Chilton Pearce memorial website is launched, in addition to his Facebook page that is managed by Kindred. We consider Joe the grandfather of the Conscious Parenting Movement.

The Conscious Parenting News e-newspaper, featuring current studies, headlines and insights into the Conscious Parenting Movement is launched. 

2016 - Kindred launches the In Utero Discussion and Film Guide with Stephen and Kathleen Gyllenhaal. 

Kindred World launches the Book Fairy Pantry Project, the Evolved Nurturing Initiative, and presents the Wise Parent Study by Kindred World's board member, Dave Metler.

2017 - Kindred World's board member and Kindred Media's contributing editor, Darcia Narvaez, PhD, wins the Expanded Reason Award for Research from the Vatican and enjoys an audience with the pope.

Families for Conscious Living changes its name to Kindred World.

2018 - Kindred World launches The Evolved Nest based on the award-winning work of Darcia Narvaez, PhD.

The Kindred Spirit-in-Residence program was launched to help chronicle the Conscious Parenting Movement of the past 30 years.

On a Mother (of a) Quest for 20 years as an award-winning journalist, activist and nonprofit visionary, Lisa Reagan explores the space between our unsustainable, industrial Old Story and the emerging New Story of what is possible for Cultural Creative families, inspired by their children to envision and explore a new path forward.

Lisa is a co-founder of the nonprofit Kindred World, formerly Families for Conscious Living, and the executive editor of Kindred. Kindred World began as a grassroots conscious parenting movement in Virginia in 1996. (See a 2006 newsletter here.) FCL’s founders and members, including Lisa, were heavily influenced by Virginia resident and human development scholar, Joseph Chilton Pearce, whose seminal works guided the organization in its infancy. Today Kindred World is an award-winning nonprofit and Gold Ranked Guidestar member with multiple and growing initiatives to serve Cultual Creative families.

While earnestly investigating the gauntlet of new motherhood, Lisa shared her personal stories like Soul Nourishing Gifts of an Accidental Tribe, the Darkside of the Natural Parenting Movement, and Spiritual Composting.  Her move toward human consciousness research to help her understand the lack of family wellness resources, public policy support and community connection in American culture is represented in her work following the discovery of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, IONS..

The Shift Reports, published by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, IONS, in 2007, first alerted Lisa to the Old Story and New Story “shifting” taking place in Western culture.  It was the discovery of family wellness advocates as Cultural Creatives through sociologists’, Paul Ray, PhD, and Sherry Anderson, PhD, book of the same name (also sponsored by IONS) that helped her feel encouraged and excited by the grassroots and growing Conscious Parenting Movement. Cultural Creatives were shifting the culture toward sustainability and wholeness through their value-reflected purchasing power, and they were a growing and powerful group, over a quarter of the population in most developed countries.

In seeking a creative and empowering format to present the Old Story/New Story to parents and practitioners, she turned to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey for guidance on self-transformation as a path to transforming our unsustainable culture.  Her Parenting As A Hero’s Journey Virtual Retreats encourages parents to “Answer the Hero’s Call” that rejects status quo, mainstream society and instead follow their heart wisdom’s call to find or create a New Story. This New Story of Childhood, Parenthood and the Human Family, as well as Lisa’s Mother (of a) Quest is also presented at conferences, small groups and to professionals and practitioners. Lisa has worked as a consultant with professional organizations who use the Old Story/New Story format to train educators, practitioners and professionals in the framework as an inspirational context for their work.

An alternative media and nonprofit initiative, Kindred’s mission is to seek out and present the under funded and reported thought leaders of the New Story and Conscious Parenting Movement.  You can find her podcasts in Kindred Fireside Chats.  These interviews with conscious living leaders continue to explore the New Story of holistic family wellness at a time when the United States ranks last among all developed nations for infant, child and maternal wellness.  Kindred’s New Story video series, produced by Lisa and her husband of 20 years, Keith, are featured on Kindred’s Vimeo and You Tube Channels.

In December 2013, Kindred sponsored Australian psychotherapist, Robin Grille, on a Parenting for a Peaceful World USA Tour.  Grille’s work is a formidable account of the psycho-social-history of parenthood.  You can view videos from the tour here and read his work on Kindred here.

In December 2015, Lisa received an Award of Appreciation from the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, APPPAH, at their 19th International Congress in Berkeley, California. Lisa is responsible for the creation of APPPAH's Birth Psychology Month annual campaign in March, the Conscious Baby e-newspaper, as well as helping to bring birth psychology forward through New Story features on Kindred.

Kindred continues to work with APPPAH as a Pioneering Partner to bring forward the New Story of birth psychology.  A new documentary, In Utero, now explores the origins of human consciousness, and study groups can utilize Kindred’s In Utero Film and Discussion Guide.  See Kindred’s birth psychology videos here.

Lisa was interviewed about her passion for and long history of advocating for families in the October 2015 issue of The Attached Family.

In 2011, her exploration of the obstacles to conscious living led her to become a trained facilitator of the Worldview Literacy Project through the Institute of Noetic Sciences, IONS.  In 2012, she served as the Writer-in-Residence for the first ever Residency Project, Omnibus One at the Earthrise Retreat Center, IONS’ campus in Petaluma, California. During her retreat, she was interviewed about her Mother (of a) Quest for the documentary film, The Love Bomb.

From 2007 to 20013, Lisa’s vision of serving Cultural Creative families was carried forward throughKindred’s Pioneering Partners Project with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, ICPA, and over 300 international Pathways Connect Gathering Groups sponsored by the ICPA’s Pathways to Family Wellness trade magazine. The Pathways Connect educational program was based on a decade of Lisa’s work with FCL community building.  (Listen to the FCL story.) Lisa served as Pathways associate editor during this time.  Read her stories here, videos here, and interviews here.

In 2013, Pathways magazine received three Hermes awards for the issue featuring Lisa’s interview with Jamie Grumet on her experience as Time magazine’s now iconic breastfeeding cover mom. Read the original interview, and download the audio, The Cover Shot Heard ‘Round The World: An Interview With Conscious Parenting Revolutionary, Jamie Grumet.

More About Lisa’s Nonprofit Work

Lisa is honored to serve on the advisory board for the first-of-its-kind, Museum of Motherhood, MOM, in New York City, where she helped to coordinate the first ever Mindful Motherhood Conference in November 2011.  Watch Robin Grille talk with Martha Joy Rose, MOM curator and founder, about the history of motherhood here.

She serves on the venerable Touch the Future’s board of directors as of 2012, and is very proud of TTF’s new adult learning center, The Academy, featuring 30 years of video interviews with thought leaders and research scientists who connect the dots between child development and sustainable living.  In 2015, TTF launched the Joseph Chilton Pearce Library.

She also serves on the Resource Advisory Council for Attachment Parenting International and their Journal of Attachment Parenting International. 

In her home state, she has served on the board of directors for the Virginia Breastfeeding Task Force since 2012 and represents Attachment Parenting International on the Virginia Breastfeeding Advisory Committee.

Professional Background

Her professional journalism background includes serving as the East Coast Editor-at-Large for the groundbreaking, natural parenting magazine Mothering in the early 2000s. In 2003, she simultaneously became the US Contributing Editor to the first global magazine on sustainable family living, byronchild, originally out of Byron Bay, Australia and founded by Kelly Wendorf.  In 2009, byronchild, now named Kindred, moved to the US and became a nonprofit initiative of Families for Conscious Living.

From 2007 to 2013, FCL partnered with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, ICPA, to produce the award-winning magazine, Pathways to Family Wellness as a nonprofit collaboration with Lisa serving as the publication’s associate editor and creator of the community building and parent education program, Pathways Connect.

From 2007 and 2012 – 2016, she served as a judge for the Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence college journalism awards.  In the very beginning of her career, she worked at the Virginia newspaper, The Daily Press, where she earned two Virginia Press Association awards for Gulf War Special Editions of the paper, Coming Home Proud.

Along the way, in exploring paths to sustainability and wellness, Lisa became a Reiki Master Teacher, then an organic Community Supported Agriculture, CSA, farmer (read about her farming adventures in Beyond Sustainability; The Regenerative Promise of Biodynamics).  

She currently lives with her family on their small farm in Toano, Virginia, where she hopes to finish writing what is now many books on her Mother (of a) Quest in the Conscious Parenting Movement.


Kindred World currently collaborates on a variety of projects for educating parents and professionals.  See our partner page and subscribe to our newsletter to follow our collaborative work.


In Spring 2019, Kindred will launch a Parent and Professional Resource Center, a virtual tool box of teaching materials hailing from 15 years of the best conscious parenting contributors and articles on the website.

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We are determined to bring forward the practical wisdom of holistic and whole systems living in creative and collaborative outreach projects with like-hearted organizations.

Our Story...

As told by Lisa Reagan in 2012 on a teleconference to a group of holistic practitioners and parents.  Lisa shares her inquiry as a mother and journalist into the consciousness-raising movement later named "conscious parenting".  Sociologist, Paul Ray, PhD, shared with Lisa in 2012 why FCL supporters are Cultural Creatives who are "bringing forward a practical wisdom needed to transform the failing, industrial culture."  Bruce Lipton shared in Kindred's 2013 Live Q&A that "conscious parenting is the rule of the day to help us evolve from the mess we are in."

Slinging my diaper bag over my shoulder, I set out 20 years ago to ask a few simple questions about childhood, parenthood, where was my community and why most of the food in a grocery store made me sick. On my Mother (of a) Quest, I have met many wise guides and kindred souls who willingly point the way forward.  I am grateful for my teachers, the greatest of whom is my child, and passionate about participating in this consciousness-raising movement. "  

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Forget Deep Space And Jungles. Today's Pioneers Are Families Exploring the Frontier Of A New Worldview From Their Own Backyards.

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