The Evolved Nurturing Initiative ™ (ENI) generates best-practice advice for child-raising using a scientific think tank.  ENI's mission is to filter out cultural, industrial, and political influences that distort scientific research and provide unbiased reporting on child raising that meets the critical, innate developmental needs of babies and young children. ENI is geared to help parents and policy makers understand and overcome the censorship and misinterpretation surrounding what children need. ENI promotes the re-evolutionary discovery of evolved child-raising practices supported by interdisciplinary research. We are not pro or anti any specific aspect of child care, rather, we are pro- untaited science. 

When we analyze the pure science, the explosion of research supporting the special developmental protections supplied by intimate and responsive physiological care practices come to light. We aim to make this evidence more accessible to media and parents. 

We also report with and eye toward a paradigm that better aligns with our goals as a society. Converging evidence from across scientific disciplines confirms what our ancestors knew intuitively and passed on from experience: Particular care-giving strategies evolved to optimize social, emotional, and intellectual development. These result in healthier and more cooperative and compassionate children, then adults, and ultimately, society.  We comb the research to illuminate what cultivates humanity’s potential, and therefore translates to the innovation and success we want for children. Focusing on what society agrees on, ENI spotlights the most effective way these goals are seeded in early parenting. 

Parent Liberation Alliance

Child-Friendly Initiative

Parenting As A Hero's Journey


Kindred provides this monthly e-newspaper service to help parents and professionals stay informed of the headlines, research and empowering features shaping our paths to a more peaceful and sustainable world.  This e-newspaper is free, as is the e-newsletter version.  FCL hopes the paper will inspire parents and professional to witness how the Tide Is Turning and the world is moving toward enlightened awareness of child development, human bonding and attachment and crucial early brain developmental needs for nurturing.

By bringing together a variety of headlines from a variety of sources on different topics and issues of conscious parenting, CONSCIOUS PARENTING NEWS illustrates at-a-glance how the arms and legs of this conscious parenting movement are working together, and sometimes apart and in unawareness of each other, which is a goal of our nonprofit mission: to bring visibility and coherence to the consciousness-raising efforts of the thousands of activists and organizations who are - as Paul Hawkin says in Blessed Unrest - "acting as the immune system of the planet."

The Book Fairy Pantry Project is a local grassroots literacy project founded by Pam Leo, author of the classic book, Connection Parenting, as well as new poetry and a future book advocating for the relationship between literacy, bonding and lifelong wellness.

The BFPP is a holistic model for advancing child wellness because, one, it is born from the heart of Pam Leo, and two, because it is a rare project with a multi-level view that can Solve for Pattern myriad challenges at-risk families face, including access to books and opportunities for crucial bonding.

Parenting As A Hero's Journey is a nonprofit educational initiative using the elements of curiosity, fun and imagination to support parents in exploring their personal stories while unmasking modern parenting mythologies.  This initiative gathers the thought leaders, pioneers, authors and activists of the conscious parenting movement together in LIVE and ON DEMAND virtual retreats that allow the participants to experience a Deep Dive into themselves with the presenter's compassionate guidance and expertise.

The initiative calls on Joseph Campbell's great Monomyth Wheel to help us have fun with the ancient process of creating and discarding personal and cultural story lines as a path to transformation.

A magazine and book edition of Parenting As A Hero's Journey is forthcoming.


Nonprofit Educational Initiatives And Outreach Projects

The Heartseeds initiative involves bringing together tools for prevention and intervention. Heartseeds promotes a multi-pronged set of tools to improving human and other-than-human wellbeing. Success starts with children as they are easier to accept new ideas but adults can also turn around with education and life-transforming experiences of community. Some group members lead efforts to support and explain the importance of childhood experience (parenting, community support, schooling). Others work on interventions to promote flourishing within communities at various levels of wellbeing (through play, community activities), including the planets’ biocultural diversity. Across the board, measures of a good life need to move away from monetary economics and to psychsocialneurobiological wellbeing and bioculturalecological flourishing.

 Please join us.

Kindred Media and Community

Kindred  Media and Community is an alternative media and nonprofit educational project.  Kindred serves as a gathering place for families to explore and share their experiences of writing a new story of childhood, motherhood, fatherhood and the ever changing and evolving adventure of being fully human. Kindred Media explores social, political, spiritual, global and environmental issues. Kindred also recognizes the inherent importance and worth of our shared custodianship of the future of our world through our children, not only as parents but also as members of the human community. We support the task of conscious parenting through considering the needs of children and parents within a world that is rapidly changing. Understanding that there are immense forces through which we direct our lives and make our own choices for ourselves and our children, Kindred respects each parent’s unique journey and the choices made along the way. We understand that there is no formula for meeting each person’s individual challenges and therefore trust each parent’s innate ability to know and intuit what is right for their child, for themselves and their families.


CFI helps families and businesses create connected communities.

This initiative is forming its leadership committee at this time.  Please contact us if you are interested in serving on CFI's Council at

Moms (and Dads) Mean Business...
In the US, Moms are the #1 consumer force.
Mothers and fathers birth both children and communities. 
CFI empowers families and local businesses to connect and collaborate to create a win-win for all.  
Child-friendly spaces mean community for parents and loyal customers for business owners.
Let CFI help your family or business flourish with our resources.

Parents and caregivers may want to include children in their regular activities—or simply have no choice. By adopting child-friendly practices, businesses and organizations of all kinds can better serve their clientele. For many business members, this has meant heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty, plus a powerful increase in word-of-mouth promotion among parents.

Becoming Child-Friendly doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. CFI has developed a flexible set of criteria that can apply to virtually any type of business, institution or organization. Child-Friendly can be as simple as putting a stepstool in the restroom, providing an area where children can play while their parents conduct business, or training staff to be sensitive to the difficulties parents face when their children are along.

The Parent Liberation Project and Alliance is an evolving, cross-cultural program that provides parents with the science behind child brain development along with insights and tools for reflecting upon cultural norms as a conscious move toward building the emotionally intelligent families and compassionate communities needed for peaceful social change.  
The Parent Liberation Alliance has partnered with international parent nonprofits and NGO's to bring the Parent Liberation Project and facilitator training to their communities. Find out more about this global outreach and how your international organization can participate.

​Read about PLA's partners in South Africa and Botswana here.